Automatic Gates

  Automatic gates are used to control access into a secured area. Most commonly, automatic gates are used at the entrance to the facility, and are used to control vehicular access on and off of the site. For example, a manufacturing plant may use an automatic gate at its main entrance. All vehicles entering and exiting the plant must do so through the automatic gate. Automatic gates are also used at interior areas within a facility. For example, automatic gates are commonly used within the inside of a parking garage to separate employee parking areas from public areas of the garage.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates usually have a single door, which runs on a track with a ratchet. They require..

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Swing Gates

Articulated gate openers can be used for gates with wide posts allowing opening in small..

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Road Barrier and Car Parking System

Barrier gate operators are what you see in parking garages, at..

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Garrage and Industrial Door

An automated garage is ideal if you require great comfort and safety; you can exit the..

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Safety Devices And Led Warning Lights
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Electronic and Control
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No need to get out in the dark to open the gate and it also secure the house and your family.


just a click of a button, the gate opens and closes for them and no need to disturb someone

Cuts Operating Cost

No need to assign a personnel to the gate, the system is totally automated and it require no periodic maintenance, no recurring cost.

Attract More Business

Increase occupancy, rental, or easier sale of commercial/residential units or property.


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